El mercurio (Diciembre, 2018)
Vida Actual, Juan Antonio Muñoz
El Mercturio, Romina de la Sotta (18
El destacado músico Paolo Bortolameolli en Cadena Nacional
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Revista Viernes, Victoria O'Ryan (31
Panorama imperdible en Santiago a Mil: "La Canción de la Tierra" | 24 Horas TVN Chile
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Bortolameolli - Reportaje TVN
Bortolamelli - Revista Caras
Paolo Univision
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Reseña TED (Vida Actual, Oct 13, 2018)
Bortolameolli - Revista SML
Bortolameolli - Revista SML
El Mercurio - 27 de Abril, 2018.png
Nuevas Voces: La música del director de orquesta Paolo Bortolameolli
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La tercera, Rodrigo Gonzalez (24 de A

Articles and Interviews

La tercera (2017)
El rápido ascenso de Paolo


The L.A. Phil New Music Group, in a subtly expanded orchestration of the piece, played with spacious flexibility, with fullness yet delicacy, under Paolo Bortolameolli. The score’s repeating figurations were propelled forward but never pushed. Near the end, the a cappella section “Earth Seen From Above” was simply exquisite, the ensemble making a softly hovering, kaleidoscopically shifting drone as an image of our planet, wrapped around the sphere, filled in with color.’
The New York Times
‘Sonic luxury was to found in the pit from the L.A. Phil New Music Group, eloquently conducted by Paolo Bortolameolli.’
Los Angeles Times
‘Tuesday’s performance, led with long-breathed fluidity by conductor Paolo Bortolameolli, featured superb contributions by more than a dozen vocalists and by the instrumentalists of the LA Phil New Music Group.’
San Francisco Chronicles
‘Every moment of the action was alive...a crisp, dynamic performance…a great career awaits this young conductor.’ 
Los Angeles Times
'Bortolameolli's account was affectionate and intelligently shaped.'
Los Angeles Times
'Impressive the bright sound that Bortolameolli got from the orchestra: The conductor is thoughtful and passionate at once.
'In the last "The farewell", Bortolameolli, sober in his decisions, knew how crucial is this movement and obtained from the orchestra a moving result.'
El mercurio (Chile)
But undoubtedly the Mahlerian pages are still the ones that say it all; those that underline a hazy atmosphere. And those that Paolo Bortolameolli understood intelligently, whose baton was solid and careful. The conductor filled the room with expressiveness; he recreated the different climates: darkness, loneliness, lyricism, sensuality, apparent joy; he extracted rich timbres and explored colors. 

La Tercera (Chile)
Enthusiastically and idiomatically led by the orchestra’s assistant conductor, Paolo Bortolameolli, the L.A Phil New Music Group premiered six works...'
Los Angeles Times